Yearly Theme

I do love a theme!

A focus. something I can get behind and that can drive my actions. My WHY. A centering idea that pulls me back when I get too loose and all-over-the-place (which I do more than I’d like to admit).

My theme for 2022 is Find what feels good. 

I sort of stole the phrase from Adriene, but, I don’t think she’d mind, as I’m not using it for gain, simply for guidance.

Finding what feels good is all about *noticing*, without judgement, what it is that truly makes me happy: in life, in love, in work, in every facet of my world.

I’ve even updated my gratitude journal, so instead of writing down things I’m grateful for in the morning and 3 good things that happened, I’m simply going to list #whatfeelsgood. I’ll share my lists here from time to time.

Keeping this list will hopefully encourage me to spend more time doing things that make me feel good, letting go of things that don’t, and shifting my perspective on some (for example, while chores are not something I’d say make me feel good, having a clean home does, so….).

Since finding what feels good is my focus, I’m sure you’ll see the phrase here quite often this year. Watch for posts tagged #whatfeelsgood.

And if you’re looking for a theme, feel free to use this one.

Here’s to a fabulous 2022, and finding what makes us feel good.

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