Erotic Poetry Challenge

(Note: The EPC will only last through 2020. I have opted to end it due to low participation.)

When I first started blogging, many years ago, I began with poetry. It was a way to clarify intense feelings and confused emotions. In fact, it’s how I’ve always navigated my complex mental and emotional reactions to complicated events. When I can’t seem to find simple, clear words to express my thoughts, I can often (ironically, I suppose) express them through poetry (which some find to be difficult to both write and make sense of). For me, poetry is a language all its own. Some can speak it…understand it. Others cannot. Which is okay.

Somewhere, over the years, I sort of lost touch with poetry. I teach it. I write it once in awhile (when my insides begin to boil or I feel intensely lost…or found). And I read it on occasion.

After a little social media feedback, I’ve decided to go ahead with a little project to motivate myself (and maybe a few others). So here are the explanation and the “rules.”


The Erotic Poetry Challenge will be a MONTHLY CHALLENGE with a THEME and optional prompts. But keep in mind:

–you can link-up when you want (one time or many)
–you can ignore the theme and prompts altogether and write whatever the hell you desire
–you can do the prompts in any order you want or change them up however you choose
–you do not have to be a serious or practiced poet – please do not feel intimidated by this prompt (every writer is welcome!)

It would be nice if you could use the badge below and link back to link-up page. That way people who read your work might click on over and read other people’s poems, too (since that’s sort of the point of a meme, eh?). Commenting on other people’s work is also awfully nice.


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