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    My desire to masturbate, or not, is a fairly reliable indicator of the status of my libido. Honestly,  my desire to write, or not, is just as much so. You can pretty gaurantee that if I’m writing, I’m feeling it…or at least on the brink. But masturbation, like writing, at least for me, involves work…and commitment. At least to get started. Staring at a blank page is much like staring at my toys considering what to write or how to touch myself. What will work? Where do I want to go with this? Am I writing just to “get it out of my system,” or am I trying to create…

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    Journal 9/14/2019 a.m.

    “How do I know what I think until I see what I say?” -E.M. Forster I write for a lot of reasons. Mainly to unload my own shit, dig through it, and make sense of my thoughts. To problem-solve. To rant. To worry myself to a conclusion. But, on this blog, there is the added goal of sharing my experiences. To what end? Well, because I think stories connect us. In fact, I think stories are at the heart of human existence, and that without them, we would no longer be “human.” We tell our history through words and pictures, and though, as humans, we are flawed in our visions…

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