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    Smut Marathon Round 4 Feedback

    For this round of feedback, I chose to use a “teacher” strategy called “2 Stars and a Wish” — that’s two things well done and one suggestion or question or critique. I’ll admit, I did have to work a little hard to find two stars on some than others. As I read, and tracked my thoughts, I also marked stories with a “*” or “**” when they really stood out to me. Somehow, I got lucky enough to end up with just the right number of double-star entries. Then, it was just a matter of ranking them. As with previous rounds, what I looked for specifically were well-written pieces (grammatically…

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    Smut Marathon – Round 3 Feedback

    To read all of the entries for round three, please click HERE. I’ve learned something about how I judge – my first impressions and first loves are not always the ones that I choose as my topic picks. Here’s why: what strikes my fancy upfront doesn’t always pass the muster when I apply my criteria for judging. The Criteria 1) The story must be well-written. If it is poorly written, I will be turned off immediately, before I even have a chance to see if the story meets the remaining criteria. 2) There must be a story…elements of plot, such as an enticing setting, rising action, conflict, tension, a climax…

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    Smut Marathon – Round 2 Feedback

    Read the submissions HERE. See the voting results HERE. (I find it interesting that NONE of the pieces that placed in the top 3 for the public vote were in my top 9. And the winner of the jury vote was my #9. “Viva Voce” was my 3rd choice, and it came in as a first runner up. The others that placed for the jury vote were not in my top 9. The overall winner for round 2 wasn’t even in my top 30. So…I may be looking for something that others are not, and not seeing things that others are. Scroll to the bottom of the post to see…

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