Frigid. That’s what the son-of-a-bitch had left me with. You’re too frigid for me. You lack enthusiasm in the bedroom. You’re too formal about everything. It has to be your way…it has to be just so… I can’t take it anymore. And then he got up from the table, leaving a perfectly good, still steaming,…


In the early morning quiet, the clock ticked without competition from other sounds. The sunrise seeping through the gap in the curtains created a halo surrounding his sleeping silhouette, his body gently expanding and resettling with each breath, and I let my eyes trace the soft hairs on his arms. Beneath the thin motel blanket,…

Working Through the Interruptions

Kate: I’m feeling horny…(devil emoji) Jim: Excellent. What does that mean for me? (smiley emoji) Kate: Don’t know yet…something like a blowjob… Jim: Something LIKE a blowjob? Kate: Well…no…an actual blowjob. Jim: Elaborate. Kate: Well, first, I’d unzip your jeans, but I’d keep eye contact the whole time…I love it when you just stare into my eyes……

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