• 30 Dirty Questions,  EROBLOPOMO

    What are your sexual fears?

    I’m sort of like a feral cat when it comes to new sexual experiences. I have to be lured, convinced, prodded, bribed. But then, I’m sort of hard-wired to be suspicious of change and newness in all regards. I’m a fan of comfort, planning, and knowing what to expect (which is why we both get so bored in the bedroom and why our sex life has become so dull). That’s not to say that I don’t love a surprise from time to time. Presents are lovely. But a surprise party? Nope. That would do this introvert in. Surprising me with a multi-partner sexual experience? Terror. Putting me in any new…

  • Experience

    Lessons from the Mat: Floating

    Have you ever let yourself float on the top of moving water, in a pool or on the lake? I know some people who have grown up swimming on a regular basis might not get what I’m describing here, but for the rest of us…have you ever had that sudden panic feeling in your stomach when the water threatens to pull your body under or a wave splashes against and over your face? If you fight it, your body will sink. If you ride it, your body will just keep floating. For me, the pull and the splash are often too much to endure; I naturally fight it. And, as…

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