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    Family We begin our days, inches from one another, naked and wrapped in warm sheets. On work days, my alarm goes off at five a.m., early enough to provide me some quiet before the storm of activity. I pull myself from the comfort of our soft island, and our dogs’ snores turn to movement and then a flurry of expectant activity. I slip into the bathroom to put on some clothes and grab my phone, and they follow me out to the front door, where I let them out and then grab myself a cup of coffee. I let them (and the cat) in before settling on the couch to…

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    Am I starting to like it? WTF?

    I never considered myself the spanking type. I’m not much into pain (small amounts in the right situations…you know, hair-pulling, rough sex). But, it’s growing on me, and I’m beginning to understand the need that some people have for serious spanking sessions. That whole “out of body” experience, getting outside of one’s self, can be freeing and cathartic. Some people do it with drugs. Others with alcohol. Still others with physical activity like running or sex. It’s all about the endorphins. Regardless of how you get there, it’s about the build up of tension followed by the intense release. We all seek it in one form or another. And as…

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