• Poetry,  Poetry Challenge 2020


    Like steam rising on water, your heat is obvious from a distance– so I slip out of my shorts before sliding in beside your sleeping form. Scent escapes the separated sheets– musk sweat and cologne drifting up and out. Your body responds instinctively, rolling inward and wrapping itself possessively around me. Rough hands begin to rove, unthinking, under my shirt and between my legs… I very softly tell you “not now,” though I know you do not hear… Your fingers sleepwalk across my flesh, wandering, like a man lost in the dark. Crooked and repetitive, you keep circling back to where you have already been. Heat-drugged and slow, we sigh…

  • Poetry,  Poetry Challenge 2020


    Your words enter me, violating my sleep, soft and distant at first– an underwater sound– but clearer, stronger, as my consciousness rises to meet them. Come for me. Eyes closed, feeling your thick nearness, heat hovering heavily over collar-bone, breasts– abdomen heaving under the pressure of hindered release. I could burn the room with my thighs, slightly spread in silent acceptance. Your voice vibrates into me, a midnight secret… enter me, push me, pull me, pliant within your grasp. Come to me, in the dark, uninvited– and writhing to meet your quiet need, I’ll come for you. Day 6 Topic: “F” – Feeling (sense)

  • Fiction

    In her sleep

    She slept hard, held captive in a cocoon of her own bone-deep exhaustion. So deep, she didn’t hear the front door open or close like she usually would. So deep, she didn’t feel him kiss her cheek or hear the shower run. So deep, she didn’t feel him slip in beside her, pulling the sheets down enough to expose her naked breasts. She didn’t realize he held each one for a moment, like a fragile Christmas bulb, in the palm of his hand. Nor did she feel his hand reach between her legs, fingers slipping between the crease that protected her most secret place. She didn’t know that she responded,…

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