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    Light and Dark

    In each of us there is darkness and light. We are multidimensional, with “good” and not-so-good qualities. We have “quirks” and cracks, all based on what society deems acceptable. Alone, we just are. But when put with others, we are mirrors. And we are easily given to comparison, continually measuring normality, fighting or living up to expectation, and dealing with the emotional price of doing so. Not all of us question so much or spend as long in introspection, but those of us who do…we over-thinkers…can spend more time in our heads than in the world. The irony is, the world is in my head, determining my thoughts too much…

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    Mindfulness Monday – A Mindful Sex Tracking App

    It’s a short one today, but I think it’s useful. If you’re trying to be more mindful about your sex life, you might really like this app I’ve found. It’s called Sex Life (simple and on point, I’d say), and from what I understand, it’s the Android answer to an Apple app called Nice. What it Does You can track sex information for multiple partners, just one, and yourself (masturbation). For each sexual encounter, you can track the type, number of times, protection, location, duration, position, initiator, and rating. You can make up your own tags for type, place, and position. You can also add notes or each encounter. There…

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