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    Goodbye January, Hello February!

    This month’s Erotic Journal Challenge prompts have been mainly about laying a foundation. Looking back, planning ahead, deciding what to focus on and what to let go of, what to say yes to and what to say no to. It’s given us an opportunity to define ourselves and consider what we want most. A few people have signed on and are doing some awesome reflections. If you are using the Erotic Journal Challenge in any way that you’d like to share, please feel welcome (but not obligated) to link up on the main EJC page. You can link a category/tag or you can link individual posts, whatever you prefer. You…

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    My word for this year is CONSISTENT. It’s not a terribly creative word. Not very touchy-feely either like my last one…Vulnerability.  But it’s where I’m at. I have a tendency to cycle, in pretty much ever facet of my life. I start things and don’t finish, I commit to things and give up. Sometimes, that is honestly okay. Not everything in life must be completed. In fact, sometimes it makes good sense to drop things or walk away. But a few areas in my life deserve more from me. And those are the places where I need to apply a more dedicated mindset.     Never confuse action with movement.…

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    Goals for improving my sex life in 2018

    As I sit here considering what to write for Masturbation Monday, I find myself fresh out of creative energy. I’ve been working on my blog design all day, avoiding “real” work. I never even got out of my pajamas. And the time I wasn’t devoting to blog design, I was devoting to setting priorities and creating goals for the coming year. It was actually a mentally and emotionally exhausting day. But, I guess where that leaves me is here…considering what I hope for my sex life in 2018: 1. More kissing…like actual passionate kisses goodbye and hello, rather than those complacent, pedestrian pecks on the lips we’ve fallen into the…

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