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    Brigit’s Diary: Time to Discuss the Old Libido…Again

    (photo: maca root) Let’s see what the stats have to say (because we know those don’t lie, right?): How many times/days I masturbated in… January: 8 February: 6 March: 7 April: 11 May: 4 June: 13 (gee…quite the uptick) July: 7 so far… (headed for June-like numbers, people!) How many times we had sex in… January: 2 February: 5 March: 5 April: 5 May: 2 June: 1 (ouch…wtf?) July: 4 so far… (doing better, as we are only half-way done) What I’m getting from all this… What the holy fuck was happening in May and June? (Oh, yeah: the ‘rona.) Our sex life is abysmal. I feel horrible about this…

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    Can the moon affect your sex drive?

    So, you may have noticed that I haven’t been posting much lately. Well, to get personal (we can do that here, right?), I just haven’t been “feelin’ it lately. My mojo seems to be on vacation. And apparently, it may have been swept away with the moon. I don’t know about you, but I definitely notice the effect the moon phases have on my mood.  And it’s pretty common knowledge that women tend to “set their clocks” by the moon.  So, I suppose it makes perfect sense that our energy levels and sex drive would follow the same path. According to one website I visited: · Estrogen levels rise with…

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