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    Why it’s ironic that I’m a sex blogger

    First, and foremost, it’s ironic that I’m a sex blogger because one might assume that if I write about sex I’m confident and know what the fuck I’m doing. I’m not…and I don’t. I do not consider myself an expert in anything that I write about on this site…other than maybe writing (I have a lovely certificate from a lovely university that says I do pretty much know what I’m doing there…some of the time). Not everyone who writes about sex is an extrovert who would easily talk to a crowd in person about sex they way they can while hiding behind a pseudonym, like I do. Second, it’s ironic…

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    The SMARTEST Sex Bloggers

    I’ll be honest…I often love words more than I love people.  That being said, I’m also sort of a word snob.  I can be easily intoxicated by an intelligent post on a sex blog.  I think too many people believe that sex-blogging is just that…writing about sex – in a raw, base, or trite way.  But, it can be so much more.  There are whole conversations happening out there, academic…introspective…educational writing about sex-related topics.  And the voices!  So many points of view…students, prostitutes, swingers, people writing about their affairs, doms, subs, kinksters, people in poly relationships, young people, old people, published authors, housewives…the list goes on. Click on image properties…

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    Sex Blogging

    So I’ve traversed the sex blog neighborhood enough to finally get some sense of what it is I like most about erotic writing/blogging: beauty (visual and literary), perceived honesty, detail, and simplicity.  I must have viewed a hundred different sites over the last few days, only to “follow” or link to a carefully chosen few.  They run the gamut from tame to fetish to literary to dark to humorous.  But they all have beauty in common.  Of course, as we all know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so maybe you won’t agree. I can say that in my internet travels, I have seen sex in it’s ugliest…

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