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    I share a lot of images of myself on this site. But, it often makes me uncomfortable to really show myself as I am. The lumps and bumps. The saggy mom-tummy. The gravitational pull on my breasts. The stretch marks. The cellulite. The rolls. The extra skin. In fact…all the “extra” that I wish wasn’t there. But…it is. And, every once in a great while, I share that truth in the images I post. Today is one of those days. Be kind. I’m reminding myself to do that, as well.  

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    It’s time to clean my dirty laundry

    I’m terrible about receiving compliments about my body, most often because I don’t believe them.  When someone says I look good or that I’m sexy, I have to stop, take that information and sort of choke it down before I offer up some sort of weak thank you amidst blushing and a downward glance. Unless I already believe what the person says to be true (like “your hair looks great today”), I bat off the compliment…or it actually serves to remind me of my perception of inadequacy and makes me feel bad about myself. How’s that for some twisted psychology? Over the past decade, I’ve gotten better at accepting my body, which…

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