• Fiction

    The Ghost in the Window

    “They say she shows up whenever the fog rolls in and that she’s always naked when she appears,” Ginny’s eyes squinted up at the second floor window of her aunt’s newly renovated Victorian. Calvin glanced over at Ginny, eyebrows raised skeptically and inquisitively. “Have you seen her?” “I think I did once, when I was really young, but you know how a kid’s imagination can be. I might’ve just willed myself to see it.” “But you’ve stayed in the house before, right?” Calvin asked. “Of course,” Ginny replied, “Lot’s of times.” “Ever hear anything up there?” “It’s an old house, Cal, it makes all kinds of noises.” “Yeah, but…” Cal…

  • Fiction


    “This is where they brought me when I was sixteen.” Her touch was like subtle, continuous static electricity, as she held my hand and led me deeper into the asylum. It was empty now, twenty years later. After all the bad publicity, they’d closed their doors forever in October of ’99. “What were your parents thinking?” “I was “unmanageable,” my mother said. But what it really came down to was that she was scared. She didn’t understand it like I do now.” We were trespassing, but Sienna needed this. She needed to show me what they’d done to her, where they’d put her. She needed the closure of going back…

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