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    A quick walk down (sexy) (musical) memory lane

    I was talking to Mr. D the other day (Letterkenny fans will understand the italics) about how much music seemed to be a part of our identity when we were younger. Sort of like, putting on a particular style of clothes. It became part of our “image.” The type of music we listened to, or said we listened to, spoke volumes about what was important to us, or what group we belonged to. I’m not sure if it’s quite like that anymore for young people. I assume it is. The genres we prefer, lead us to others who prefer the same, and that’s how we find our “people.” I’ve always liked many genres,…

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    Music to Fuck To

    I honestly love pretty much all types of music, depending on the situation (aside from certain kinds of angry rap and heavy metal, or experimental jazz and new age that I can’t wrap my head around). My truck radio is tuned to the local country station. I tend to prefer it because the songs tell stories and are often romantic, and I’m a sucker for a love story. But, if I’m working out, I like upbeat modern dance/club music or hard rock (Disturbed/Tool) because I find it motivating, and it gets my pulse going. For writing or working, I have to go with something that doesn’t have words, as I’m…

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