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    He is the sun

    I’m the safe one. The friend in high school who always managed to get us home, even after following along and mother-henning while the group made bad decisions. I always had an escape plan. A way out. A solution to the problem. And the managing of that always got in the way of me ever enjoying the shenanigans we got up to. Not to say that I’m calm under pressure, because I’m not. But, after briefly panicking, and maybe having a good cry, I can pull my shit together and deal with the issue. I was a mostly good kid in school. I did just enough “bad” stuff to avoid the “goody…

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    Submission is new every day

    Side note: I time block using Google Calendar to plan my days and weeks out in advance, making sure I’ve made room for all the things I have to do and as many of the things I want to do as possible. Something new I am trying this year is to delete activities/events on my digital calendar as I complete them. It leaves me with a blank calendar at the end of the day, and the past is the past. It seriously makes me a little anxious, as I have never done this. I usually catalogue and sort and keep evidence of everything I do. And yet, there is really…

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    Over the years, I have watched your body change, slowly, like a glacier adding layers, the white snow falling around your ears, laying claim to the hills and valleys of your face, the bright blue of your eyes softening to grey, crevices, lines blossoming over time, an overall roughening. Your landscape is settling, harder in places, more brittle in others. And beneath what others see there are the dark, wet caves of your masculinity, secret coves of lush growth. I run my fingers through your dense forests, trees still erect and hungry for the light. And there are also hidden dens where hurt resides. I see those, and love them,…

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