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    Mindful intimacy

    Recently He asked me, re: our relationship and sex life, “what do you need…what do you want…and what can you put up with?” That last may sound really resigned and negative, but what it really gets at is that major difference between our desire (or lack of) for including others in our sex life. For Him, that is in the want or need category. For me, it’s meh, unless something happens organically. It’s not that I don’t desire anyone besides my Husband. But, who I desire is so much a matter of circumstance that I have zero interest in swiping right or left and trying to make it happen. But…

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    Defining “Mindful Marriage”

    I spent a little time today researching “mindful marriage,” just trying to get a handle on what the internet thinks it is, in all its variations. I liked this definition of mindfulness from marriage.com: In its simplest form, mindfulness is about being in the present moment, slowing down to become attuned with ourselves and others, and acknowledging the experiences of ourselves and others with a spirit of curiosity and compassion. It means not letting our awareness wander when we are supposed to be focused on something specific. It means being HERE…NOW…IN THIS PLACE…WITH THIS PERSON…COMPLETELY. I can honestly say, I don’t do that often enough. My brain is so fractured…

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