• 100 word stories,  Fiction,  microfiction

    I Didn’t Even Know His Name (10/100)

    The whisper entered my ear like burning lava, dripped down my neck, and singed a path all the way to my toes. “Bathroom. 10 minutes.” Undulating bodies, pounding bass, and strobing lights swallowed him whole, as he walked away. I did as commanded, bent over the sink, closed my eyes, waited. “Don’t open them.” The air scorched my exposed backside, as he pushed my dress over my head. I heard him spit, then felt warm wetness spread with rough fingers against my slit. He pushed inside, rushed through my veins like heroine, filling me with sin. I exhaled and let go.   Join in… The 💯 Story Challenge You can…

  • 100 word stories,  Fiction,  microfiction

    Sleep Can Wait (7/100)

    (image: unsplash.com/Dainis Graveris)   She crawled in next to him, glancing at the bedside clock. 12:32 a.m. Reaching out, tentatively, she placed her cool hand on his warm back, sliding it up and around his waist. His breathing deepened and slowed momentarily in response to her touch, his bodily awareness of her apparent. Hoping not to wake him, she moved close, pressing her body against his, her nipples grazing his shoulder blades. Curling into her, they curved, like two parentheses, open to the possibility of the dark. He stirred, breath becoming shallow…quick. His hand slipped over hers, fingers searching…bodies hungry. Sleep would have to wait. Join in… The 💯 Story…

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