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    I looked at this week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt (Suitcases) and thought and thought about what kind of post I might do. Much like last week, I’ve sort of found myself at a creative loss. I don’t know if that is because I’ve been sick, grieving, depressed, or just plain uninspired. Most likely, it’s a combination of all…and then some. I did receive a few emails from a reader, however, that have guided me to a related topic. Suitcases are a type of baggage, right? And we all have that…some of us a little more than others. This reader asked a few questions, made a few connections, and has inspired me…

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    On the path to rebuilding

    Mr. D brought me a special present from his business trip. A nasty cold. Hence missing out on Masturbation Monday, yesterday, which sucks, because I was looking forward to writing up part 2 of “What’s in the Bag?” But I suppose that can marinate for another week. I didn’t do ANY writing yesterday. Basically, I napped, watched TV, and sat around reading all day. The benefit of that, however (and there were actually several, since it was gloomy and I had nothing planned anyway), is that I finished my first book of the year and made significant progress on the behemoth I have now committed myself to. I did not work…

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