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    I do so love my jetted tub. It was definitely one of the selling features for our home. And it is all it’s cracked up to be. When my body aches from working out or standing all day (wow, I’m so out of practice with that), getting in that tub and letting the jets pummel the soles of my feet, my calves, my knees, and my lower back really makes a difference. And yes, I’ve tried letting those jets do other things, as well (I could read your mind). While it feels good, to some extent, it’s a bit much for my taste. I’m too sensitive for the Magic Wand, and…

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    Pink Panties

    Today, Nikki’s photo prompt is “Pink,” which is perfect since I just took a series of photos in a pair of pink crotchless panties. I get ready in the morning in my underwear, because it’s always when my hot flashes seem to be the worst. This, therefore, also is the most likely time for me to take sexy selfies and photos. This was taken on a “No Panty” Friday (crotchless are allowed).  

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    Well, I wasn’t sure if I was going to do February Photofest this year or not. I’ve got a terribly busy week ahead – my own college finals, remote learning is moving to hybrid (so my students are coming back)…but, I figured, what the hell – especially after seeing that Nikki was doing some of the work for me, having come up with a daily photo prompt for Love Yourself this month! That pretty much sealed the deal, so thanks, Nikki. Plus…it’s just a photo. I can do that, even if I don’t have time for a full-on post. So here it is – photo #1: This first is a…

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    Celebrating the Whole Picture

    If you bring your sexual impulses to your creative work… you’ll be working from deep in the genetic code, down where life wants to make new life and feel good in the process. –Eric Maisel When I edit photos for this site, so much goes on in my eye and brain and heart. I look for curves and shadows and colors that blend to create something beautiful and erotic in my own view, but I always have the audience in mind. There is a heavy influence of “What will others find beautiful and erotic?” The thing is, I have no way of knowing that. And my assumptions about my audience…

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