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    What Feels Good?

    Anyone who follows Yoga With Adriene will recognize this saying and Benji the blue heeler. Let’s just say I’m a fan of all three…the yoga, the thought, and the dog. Hence, I had to have the t-shirt.     I’m still not back to work yet, which means, I’m still avoiding bras and real pants. Occasionally, though, I head out for an *adventure* to the post office or the grocery store. Today, it’s the nail salon. So this is as close to a real bra as I’m getting.     And, of course, yoga pants…and my insulated, waterproof Bogs, because SNOW ❄. *** Comfort is the name of the game…

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    Brigit: Unwrapped – Orange is the Happiest Color

      I’ve been working on diversifying the colors in my lingerie drawer. It’s not hard to do with my matched sets, but I do notice that the majority of “sexy” lingerie is sold in black, white, red, and purple, with a bit of pink and blue thrown in to mix it up from time to time. Maybe this is because guys tend to prefer black and red? I’m not sure. I’m sure someone has done the product analysis, and that has determined the colors that are more often purchased by stores. But, I get tired of the same old same old, So when I see things in prints, or in…

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    #UnwrapMe – It’s not the end!

    Vacation provides ample opportunity to go bra-less, so I was pretty lax about #UnwrapMe. Thus, I still have a few matched sets left to share. Plus, I have several bins full of lingerie that I simply don’t wear often enough, sooo…. I plan to keep up with the sharing (lucky you!). Besides, it gives me an excuse to keep buying pretty things… …and exposing myself *wink, wink* But, since it isn’t Christmas present season anymore, I’m upgrading the #UnwrapMe title to “Brigit: Unwrapped.” This will be my personal photography theme for 2022. So, to wrap up the year let’s have a look at some of my favorite photos from this…

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    Erotic poems, love letters, and sexy lingerie

    Basket of Figs By Ellen Bass Bring me your pain, love. Spread it out like fine rugs, silk sashes, warm eggs, cinnamon and cloves in burlap sacks. Show me the detail, the intricate embroidery on the collar, tiny shell buttons, the hem stitched the way you were taught, pricking just a thread, almost invisible. Unclasp it like jewels, the gold still hot from your body. Empty your basket of figs. Spill your wine. That hard nugget of pain, I would suck it, cradling it on my tongue like the slick seed of pomegranate. I would lift it tenderly, as a great animal might carry a small one in the private…

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    I got THE cutest set from adoreme.com this month. And I had planned to work in a photo session before Halloween, because…hello! This is soooo in season, thematically. BUT, things have just not been quite ON recently. Mr. D started working nights at the beginning of September, and I went back to work full time, started my internship, and went back to school. It’s meant more on my plate at home and as a parent, as well. I taxi my son from sport to sport pretty much every week night. I finally put my foot down on Fridays, so I’d have a chance to get drinks with friends. But my…

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    Initiating sex (active submission)

    I’ve never been much good at initiating sex or being very creative about it. But, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’ve been pretty horny recently (don’t know if there is some special alignment of the planets I’m unaware of…or maybe the world is coming to an end…), so I’ve been taking advantage of that feeling to step out of my comfort zone a bit and ask for things when I want them. For example, I woke Him up with a blow job the other day, when normally I would have stifled that feeling and gone about getting ready for work. I would have talked myself out of it…told myself…

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    Feeling good in my own skin

    “And I wondered for the first time whether feeling feminine just meant feeling good in your own skin.” Anonymous There are certain items of clothing that just make me feel sexy. Things that hang just the right way, accentuate just the right things, and are still comfortable because they move with me. I honestly don’t have that many things that do that, especially in my lingerie drawer. A travesty, I know.  And one that needs to be amended. But this set? It is always a winner.  The panties are backless, so they fulfill his definition of sexy,  too. Bonus.

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    February Photofest Day 18 (& LiFE Week 57)

    This year’s theme is “Close Ups.” “When I’m on my own with my camera, taking these pictures, it feels as if I am in a room of my own, a self-contained world.” Patti Smith I just bought this new set and I absolutely LOVE it! It’s not often that I come across a piece of lingerie that really works. That’s both sexy and comfortable. And that my Husband likes. This one ticks every box. I can seriously wear this all day. I was worried about the string details. I thought they’d be tight and end up creating extra rolls, but they are plenty loose. I don’t have an affiliate relationship…

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    Refilling the Lingerie Bins with Things I Love

    (I just missed the Lingerie is for Everyone link-up…darn time zones!…but I’m going to post this anyway!) Over the past few months, I’ve been working on refilling my lingerie bin with things that I actually love. Things that are pretty, comfortable, flattering, and affordable. It’s a stupidly difficult task. It’s very easy to find pretty things. But they are rarely (for me) comfortable or flattering. And very often, the prettier the thing…the more expensive the thing. It’s also quite easy to find comfortable things. But, I don’t always want to look like I’m wearing undies that are the equivalent of my favorite worn out t-shirt and sweats. Not sexy. And,…

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