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    The Purge: Saying Goodbye (or hello again) to Old Lingerie

    Last week, I offered up a challenge to myself…to dig through my old (and often uncomfortable or ill-fitting) lingerie and begin purging to make way for newer, fresher, better, more comfortable, more “me” pieces that I will wear, instead of falling back on the boring (though comfy) beige/white/black things that I have now put through the wash so many times they are starting to look like things the dogs may have dragged in out of the rain. I actually did purchase a few new things (some with myself in mind and a few with Him in mind – ahem…let’s keep those a secret, shall we?). But, I’ve still got quite…

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    I need new lingerie!!

    So yesterday I decided to wear something sexier under my clothes…not my normal Maidenform wire-free black/white/beige. I used to wear it all the time. I had several matching sets. I even had a membership with a lingerie service to receive one new set every month. But a few years ago, I made a New Years’ resolution to stop wearing anything that made me uncomfortable, and that meant that nearly all my lingerie went in the back of the drawer. But, yesterday, I knew I wanted to participate in LifE, so I went ahead and dug out one of my favorite old sets. It was a disappointing day, folks. The bra…

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    Objects of Desire

    “Once we are aware that our nudity makes us objects of desire, we become naked.” Chloe Thurlow We are all of us an object of desire to someone, even if that someone has not found or seen us before. But to be something beyond an object of desire takes more. Vulnerability. And that is much more difficult that showing flesh.

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    Fog BY CARL SANDBURG The fog comes on little cat feet. It sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches and then moves on. It was a foggy morning and afternoon here in the Pacific Northwest. And the cottonwoods are making a mess of my sinuses, their seeds and fluff flying in the wind so thickly at times it looks like snow. But, I’m trying to keep my sexy on. I texted my Husband this afternoon, telling Him I wanted his cock in my mouth, using cute emojis for cock (a rooster) and mouth (how do they make these little clip art images look so seductive?). Then, I immediately felt…

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    Pretty in Pink

    This week, Food For Thought Friday asks us: What are your motivations for taking sexy photos? In some ways, I guess I’m a bit of an exhibitionist (online, that is). I like to be seen as sexy and I appreciate the attention that comes with it, when it’s in a controlled atmosphere (like my website). In real life, I have difficulty even taking a compliment. I’m not nearly as confident as I probably should be, but over the years, photographing myself and sharing photos has definitely improved my self-esteem.  I also take sexy photos for my Husband on a regular basis and send them via text or email. My motivation…

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    ‘In the stillness of the mind, I saw myself as I am — unbound.” — Nisargadatta Maharaj In the quiet of the evening when there is no one else awake but me, and the animals have ceased to stir, I am still. Softness uncovers me and opens me to the night, which is less expectant than the day. I find myself unburdened by yesterday and tomorrow, allowed to swim in the here and now, nothing left to do. At these times, I see myself as as I am, outer shell removed, nothing left to constrict. The lights are low, the sounds are subtle and muted by darkness, and I am…

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    I used to hate nude lingerie. And, to be honest, I still prefer black or bright colors. the problem is, it just doesn’t work under a lot of my clothes. The older I get, the more “practical” I become about a lot of things, including my lingerie. While sexy, pretty, lacy things still catch my eye in the shops, I’ve come to appreciate comfort and functionality. I avoid wires now days, and lace and padding tend to bunch up or cause bumps under my clothes. For a smoother silhouette, I begun opting for lingerie that doesn’t dig in or create tightness, hence “rolls.” I also avoid lower riding panties that…

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    FPF Day 20 (and LiFE) – “Purple”

    I’m not sure which is my favorite, red or purple (aside from black, that is). Against my skin, jewel tones are pretty much the only way to go, otherwise, I just look washed out…or worse, dead. And that’s not sexy. This little number that I ordered from Yandy, though, is pretty great. It fits well and is comfortable, which I can’t say of most lingerie. Back when I ordered several of these outfits for Mr. D, making sure to pick up several with garter straps and thigh highs, since that is a love of his, I ended up with a few that just could not be worn. The drawback of plus-sized lingerie is…

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    FPF Day 12 – Valentine

    With the snow, I had quite a bit of extra time to simply try on some lingerie and take some photos. So, today, for FPF, you’re getting a collection with this cute little piece. I’m also including this in Lingerie is for Everyone this week…and since Thursday is Valentine’s Day, I figured this was the perfect set.   Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day!    

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