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    Initiating sex (active submission)

    I’ve never been much good at initiating sex or being very creative about it. But, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’ve been pretty horny recently (don’t know if there is some special alignment of the planets I’m unaware of…or maybe the world is coming to an end…), so I’ve been taking advantage of that feeling to step out of my comfort zone a bit and ask for things when I want them. For example, I woke Him up with a blow job the other day, when normally I would have stifled that feeling and gone about getting ready for work. I would have talked myself out of it…told myself…

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    Pretty Things

    This one isn’t too bad, but it definitely made to be more pretty than functional. The bra cups are a little “open” for my taste, so I had to do quite a bit of adjusting. And I’m usually not a bikini style girl. These ones kept sliding down under my “mom shelf” all day. Not something I love to be reminded of. Unfortunately, this blue set is sub par. The wires on the bra dig into the bones between my breasts (and the lace doesn’t lay flat) — seems like a construction problem. And the undies ride up my ass during the day. The whole thing was less than comfy,…

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    I’m not a dressy gal. I’ll wear a nice shirt and boots to work, maybe a skirt or dress from time to time. But I’m not much for jewelry or fancy clothes. I like to be comfortable. Jeans, t-shirts, sweaters, yoga pants, hoodies, wireless bras, cotton. Cozy.

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    “Each band or level, being a particular manifestation of the spectrum, is what it is only by virtue of the other bands. The color blue is no less beautiful because it exists along side the other colors of a rainbow, and “blueness” itself depends upon the existence of the other colors, for if there were no color but blue, we would never be able to see it.” – Ken Wilber Given the theme for this month’s Lingerie is for Everyone, I found this quote to be especially thoughtful.

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    Will I ever wear real clothes again?

    I realized a few weeks ago that during this lock down, my entire wardrobe has been comprised of clothes from two drawers and one bin…my yoga/lounge clothes, pajamas, and comfy undies (i.e. sports bras and cotton). Occasionally, I have put on a pair of jeans to go out, but otherwise, I’m in all cotton “lounge” mode all the time. But, recently, I’ve been trying to step it up a bit…wearing matching undies (the good ones)…and jeans every day. I feel like it’s necessary to feel human again – a way to start differentiating between rest time and work time. It’s sort of like make-up…I’m wearing that now, too. And doing…

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    February Photofest Day 18 (& LiFE Week 57)

    This year’s theme is “Close Ups.” “When I’m on my own with my camera, taking these pictures, it feels as if I am in a room of my own, a self-contained world.” Patti Smith I just bought this new set and I absolutely LOVE it! It’s not often that I come across a piece of lingerie that really works. That’s both sexy and comfortable. And that my Husband likes. This one ticks every box. I can seriously wear this all day. I was worried about the string details. I thought they’d be tight and end up creating extra rolls, but they are plenty loose. I don’t have an affiliate relationship…

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    I’m pretty much a black and white (and beige) lingerie girl, but I’ve been trying to add a little color to my drawers for awhile now. I’ve got red, and purple, and blue now…even some light pink. In this image, I’m actually wearing black, but I like how these filters find the heat in the image and highlight those areas. It did some fun things with the lace.

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