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    What are you hungry for?

    I’m hungry for that feeling I get when He takes me by surprise, kissing me deeply…when I lose myself and my body begins to boil beneath the skin…rumbling vibrations from the core. And my eyes close…plunging me into the dark behind my lids, that dance of colors that expand like lava. The deepening of breath, the melting into him, the letting go. He can still do that to me. And it takes very little to do, if I’m receptive, present…available… …and not distracted. A kiss can weaken me, derail me, wipe me clean. A kiss in the morning before work…not the daily peck on the lips, the distracted, absent, habitual…

  • Experience

    Why I don’t kiss like I used to (and why I absolutely should)

    When I was a young teenager in love, there were few options available for displaying physical affection, both because I was scared to (sex) and simply because unaware of alternatives (innocence/sexual ignorance). Kissing, however, was pretty much a no-brainer. My first kiss happened when I was 13. We both had braces (and believe me, we were terrified by the rumors that we might actually get stuck together), I was taller than him, and we arranged for it to take place behind the YMCA after school. We also had an audience of giggling friends to ruin the moment. But, somehow, there was still a spark (probably because of the anticipation and…

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