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    Prostate Play

    This week’s Erotic Journal Challenge is: What would you like to explore in your sexuality over the next 30 days? Within the next year? Let’s keep it small, focused, and specific. Something you can plan ahead for and measure progress. And in the planning, consider the who, what, where, when, why, and how. Who would you like to explore this with, or is this a solo mission? Is it something taboo, that you are afraid of trying or telling your partner about? Why haven’t you already done it…or if you have, why do want to try it again? How are you going to go about reaching this sexual goal? Right…

  • Experience,  My EJC Responses

    Talking Dirty

    I’ve never been one for talking dirty. Not to seduce someone, and certainly not during sex. In fact, I say little if anything during sex (though I make a lot of other noises – I’m certainly not quiet). Sometimes, now that I’m older and a tiny bit more self-confident in the sack…and mostly because I’ve been told to…I give a bit of direction: Keep doing what you’re doing…Don’t stop…A little to the left…Not so deep…Harder… If I’ve been drinking, sometimes I’m a little braver, and I might let a “Fuck me, Daddy!” slip out. Mr. D is much more verbal during sex, though even he doesn’t do it all that often. When…

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