On the Tracks

So today’s post is a conglomeration of ideas harvested from Twitter, from my new, homemade deck of story elements cards, and the Wicked Wednesday prompt “Celibacy.” Because writing about celibacy wasn’t already proving to be difficult enough for me, I added on several additional layers of “hard” to push me completely over the edge. Let’s…


I am a highly sensitive creature. Maybe too sensitive sometimes. I take things personally that I shouldn’t. My skin can be thin at times…too often, actually. My senses are usually heightened. I smell…and taste…and hear…and feel deeply. In fact, recently, I wrote about the senses for The Erotic Journal Challenge… But last night, I was…

The Maestro

His fingers play my flesh like ivory keys, his touch unleashing tones both deep and lush. Beneath my skin it builds with intensity, spreading through muscle, vein, bone, and blood, as his palms press against my breasts and hips. His lips at my ear, a whispered command, begin a separate discordant rhythm that sets my…

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