• Fiction,  Flash Fiction Friday


    I felt him brush against me, his skin slick in the viscous lake water, thick and dark with microscopic life.  The heat of my want for him distracted me from my numbing extremities and shivering core. She turned from us, giving me just enough time to pull him under, my hands searching out his face, my lips finding his. It was a dark and sinful deed, but the water washed my sin away as we rose to the surface, spitting and fluttering. Someone reached a hand down from the dock, helping me out and handing me a towel. The party would go on, and I’d find other opportunities to connect…

  • Experience

    He Cheated…and I Forgave Him

    I’ve been putting off this post for a week because I don’t know quite how to go about it. So, I’m just gonna jump in and say it. My Husband cheated on me. I’m not sure He really thought it was cheating at the time. The way He described it when He told me had the tinge of “but I was leaving…I was sure I was going to divorce you…I was done.” And my internal reaction to that was “but we were still married…it’s still fucking HURTFUL and HORRIBLE and WRONG you MOTHERFUCKER!” But I didn’t say that. Instead, I remained calm on the outside as my emotions built from…

  • Experience

    Chatting, Cheating, and Catharsis

    The other night, I sat on the couch watching TV next to my husband. A person (who shall not be named) invited me to chat on Twitter. I succumbed. I wasn’t terribly invested, but he drew me in because we had earlier connected on the concept that marriage can be difficult, especially when one partner’s libido is much stronger than the other’s. I was also intoxicated…so there’s that. Anyhow, as we were new to chatting with each other, there was some friendly “getting to know you” banter that occurred, and then it became sexual. The exact contents of conversation are not all that important, but what is important is that once…

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