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    This Hormonal Life

    This week’s topic from Sex Bloggers for Mental Health is “Women and Hormones,” which made me giggle a bit, because it seems like the topic was written with me in mind. In fact, I went back through my archives, thinking I must have already written a post about this at some point. I’ve posted links to them at the bottom of this page. I’d start at the obvious beginning, but that seems…well…obvious. And don’t all of us have stories of our hormonal teens? My truly rocky hormone story began some years later…with an emergency hysterectomy after a complicated birth when I was 29. I didn’t experience what I’d consider to…

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    Hormones: a cash cow

    Check out who else is being Wicked. I find it ridiculously amusing that “Hormones” is the topic of this week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt, considering the trouble I’ve had with this particular issue for the past 7-8 years (mental helath and libido). Hormones, or the possibility of unstable hormones, have pretty much affected everything having to do with my physical, mental, and emotional health. I’ve gained 30 lbs. (okay…some of that is just my laziness and my love of good beer), my energy levels are all over the place…my moods…my libido. And it’s all supposedly (or probably…or possibly) tied to hormones, according to my doctors. Late last year, I went to a…

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