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    Shaving without pain? (HNT!)

    Ahhhh…a freshly shaven pussy is a beautiful thing.   So, yes…I remember a time when I was wild and free…my bush trimmed, but certainly not absent. I started shaving my bikini line in high school…but the real shaving didn’t begin until I met my husband. He has been “clean shaven” for years (way before I got a hold of him)…smooth balls are nice against your chin…and no wayward hairs to get stuck between teeth or at the back of the throat (ee-gads, I hate that). So, he made the fair request that I, too, go bare. The first time I shaved…I broke out in a rash almost immediately. But, I…

  • Photography


      Okay…it’s cute…aside from the 2 glaring missing apostrophes and the missing comma (or semi-colon) – which, I must admit, the nerd in me is having a very hard time accepting.  But, the sentiment is pretty much right on, and I have no idea how to make my own graphic images – so I’m at the mercy of the bad grammar. Sigh. I suppose you’ll want a HNT from me?  Let’s see what I can dig up from the vaults:  

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