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    3 things I appreciate about my lover

    I know I haven’t been posting quite as regularly this past several days. It was a rough week. We had a fairly serious situation at work mid-week, and it took all my bandwidth to attend to it, both professionally and emotionally. I really just needed to disconnect when I got home in the evenings, and yesterday, I spent the afternoon binge-watching a TV show (which I rarely do on my own). I’m feeling stable and rested now, though. So, I’m sure this coming week will be better. I’ll be putting a review/preview post out later, probably tomorrow, since I’m off work. Better late than never, eh? But today, I wanted…

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    Thank You

    Today’s #SubmissiveAdvent topic is gratitude…specifically saying thank you to someone who has helped me on my journey. So I’ve decided to give some shout outs to those from whom I have learned the most. Many of these people, I continue to learn from, through their writing/experiences. Conquer Me – Kacie Cunningham (the first book I read on submission…and one I go back to, time and time again) submissiveguide.com submissy.com LovingBDSM’s 30 Days of D/s Writerly readers who have stuck with me and supported me through presence and absence, creative highs and lows, and everything in between: Marie Rebel (seriously the first one who notices when I’m gone and when I…

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    I’ve always been a bit embarrassed about sharing any part of my sexuality. I have a hard time talking about it to anyone, friends, professionals, even my Husband at times. I know this likely sounds intensely ironic considering what I post on this website. But, that’s the thing. Sex blogging has provided me a forum for sharing some very personal things: my feelings, my vulnerabilities, my fears, my fantasies, my body. And since this is an area that sometimes causes me mental turmoil (past tense more than present – I’m getting better), having an outlet has been theraputic and cathartic. I have used this space (and others like it) to…

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