• Erotic Journal Challenge

    The Erotic Journal Challenge goes WEEKLY (again)

    Introduction I’ve noticed for some time that a monthly EJC is getting lost and forgotten among the memes. So…I’m gonna go back to weekly. I know there are a zillion memes right now, and you have so many reasons to choose the ones that you do. For some of us, it’s a dedication or loyalty to the person running it. For others, certain prompts just fit our blog themes and writing styles better. For still others, lines have been drawn in the sand, and people have gone their separate ways. I’ve also thought long and hard about my motivation for blogging. At the core, this is (and should be) about…

  • Erotic Journal Challenge

    Erotic Journal Challenge: February Celebrations!

    Welcome to February! This year, the Erotic Journal Challenge theme is CELEBRATIONS! Because who couldn’t use a little more of that in their life? Before sharing my suggestions for this month, let me do a little shout out to the participants for January. Thank you to Sir Thomas, Floss, May, Missy, Morag, Mila, Julie, Marie, Mrs. K, and the barefoot sub for linking up. The posts I’d like to highlight are: “Celebrating Seduction” by Mrs. K and “Cervical Health: Get Checked!” by the barefoot sub. Both of these posts exhibited vulnerability in a way that always grabs me as a reader (and a human being). These are the kinds of…

  • Erotic Journal Challenge

    Erotic Journal Challenge – January 2021

    Welcome to the first month of the Erotic Journal Challenge’s third year! This year, the theme is CELEBRATIONS! Because who couldn’t use a little more of that in their life? I’ve selected a few options to highlight below, but I am also including links to calendars that may give you further ideas. January Celebrations New Year’s Day! ​Cervical Health Awareness Month Self-Love Month HPV Prevention Week (Jan 24-30) Jan. 12 is Kiss a Ginger Day Jan. 21 is Hugging Day Jan. 26 is Spouses Day If none of these celebrations grab you, check out the following links to find more: The Awareness Days Events Calendar Daily Awareness Calendar Sexuality Observances…

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