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    Serving Him (book review)

    As with my last anthology review…I’m sticking with the “top ten” format – that way I can keep the review as positive as possible (always best to look at things on the bright side, or so they say), the idea being to focus on what is best about the collection…since the things that annoy me usually don’t bother other people (I missed my calling as a hard-nosed, bitchy editress)  – and if they annoy you…well, I don’t want to take all the fun out of finding those little tidbits – and I certainly don’t want to encourage you away from reading it. Alright, now that I have the legal disclaimer…

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    Book Review: Morning, Noon, and Night (ed. Alyson Tyler)

    Cleis Press showers me with gifts on a regular basis.  15 erotic collections to be exact.  And being the busy procrastinator that I am, I haven’t returned the love like I should have.  Naughty me.  So, for this review, I’m going to wax on and on and on…to make up for it. So, here it is, boys and girls…Alison Tyler has created a lovely little treasure trove with this collection.  She has a gifted eye for the erotic and the literary…which make for a powerful combination in this satisfying read. First off, I think the theme and organization are fantastically creative.  Each story combines with a time of day, beginning…

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