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    Erotic Book Club – December 2020 “The Naughty List”

    As one of my 2021 blog improvements, I’ve decided to create an Erotic Book Club…just a once-per-month suggestion of an erotic book that you can read and comment about. I did a book club some time back, but it wasn’t erotically themed, and one thing I know about myself is that when I’m reading and writing about sexy things on a regular basis, my libido and sex life improve. So, without further ado (and because I simply can’t NOT do this book right now), here is a very late, but oh-so-perfect December suggestion! The book is currently free on Kindle Unlimited and 99 cents, otherwise. It is currently ranked #1…

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    A Book-ish History of Sexual Education

    I think it all started with… My dad had a few hidden between the towels in the bathroom cupboard. I can’t imagine how he thought that was a suitable hiding place, though I’m sure it was more about accessibility and less about logic. The first time I found them, I looked through them and wondered at the reason for having such a thing. I was maybe a first or second grader at the time, so I could read, but at that tender age, reading wasn’t what I was doing as I flipped through the pages. Ironically, later in life, I would subscribe to the magazine…for the articles (and fiction). Later…

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