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    Journal: Revisiting and Revising D/s

    Our Sunday Marriage Talk was put off until quite late in the evening, which is, first off, never a good thing. We have a tendency to be at our crabbiest and things are more likely to go awry. I honestly didn’t forsee things going south, but it didn’t take long for revisiting our D/s rules to turn into an uncomfortable conversation. I brought up doing this a few days prior, simply because I can see and feel a resurgence (or a stepping up) of Dominance in Him recently as He’s been holding me accountable to things and punishing me for not following rules. My D/s Rules can be found HERE.…

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    Journal: (a rule that isn’t enforced isn’t a rule)

    A few weeks ago it was a forgotten “no panties” Friday. Last week it was two forgotten receipts. These are things I’m supposed to do, per our D/s agreement. And, per our D/s agreement, if I don’t, He’s supposed to do something about it. Recently, the punishments have involved a wooden spoon with holes in it. It stings like a bitch. Yesterday, I noticed my gas gauge was lower than 1/2 (another of His requirements is that I keep it about half, as I am very guilty of letting it get too close to empty…I realize this is an issue of safety, and that having a full tank may be necessary in…

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