• February Photofest 2021,  Photography

    Pink Panties

    Today, Nikki’s photo prompt is “Pink,” which is perfect since I just took a series of photos in a pair of pink crotchless panties. I get ready in the morning in my underwear, because it’s always when my hot flashes seem to be the worst. This, therefore, also is the most likely time for me to take sexy selfies and photos. This was taken on a “No Panty” Friday (crotchless are allowed).  

  • Experience

    Journal 9/13/2019 a.m.

    I don’t write about our life enough. I mean…if stories really do matter, as I propose, then I should probably be letting you into mine more often. What kind of blogging role model am I being if I don’t. I think the worry is that I must polish everything that I write and offer my readers perfected fiction, personal essays, and reviews. In reality, many readers are looking for something more “real” than that. And I think I lose touch with the fact that I have readers who want to know me and what is going on in my life so that they can feel connected and validated in their…

  • Photography,  Poetry

    Crotchless panties (tryptic) HNT, Reader’s POLL, and Haiku

    Crotchless panties are sold by the box-loads from all sorts of lingerie stores, but where did they come from?  Honestly, it isn’t really a sexy history.  Crotchless underwear (usually in the form of “bloomers”) were worn to facilitate “nature’s call”, back when undressing was too complicated a process to do it quickly enough to relieve one’s self.  As the “bloomer” shortened and tightened over the ages, and as clothing became less involved, the need for crotchless garments disappeared.  Of course, that doesn’t mean the desire for them followed. Now, they’re more of a novelty, and I suppose the pair in these photos was well worth the purchase.  Sex without them…

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