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    Will I ever wear real clothes again?

    I realized a few weeks ago that during this lock down, my entire wardrobe has been comprised of clothes from two drawers and one bin…my yoga/lounge clothes, pajamas, and comfy undies (i.e. sports bras and cotton). Occasionally, I have put on a pair of jeans to go out, but otherwise, I’m in all cotton “lounge” mode all the time. But, recently, I’ve been trying to step it up a bit…wearing matching undies (the good ones)…and jeans every day. I feel like it’s necessary to feel human again – a way to start differentiating between rest time and work time. It’s sort of like make-up…I’m wearing that now, too. And doing…

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    New Moon

    The full moon occurs in days, so it’s telling that the last poem I wrote was near the new moon in April. It’s been a tough few weeks. The malaise has set in. Being “trapped” at home, working hours from a chair, social media insanity…it has brought me down and led me to recede, as I am wont to do when the world proves too much for me to bear. Like a turtle (probably my spirit animal in more ways than one), I just pull my limbs and head and take a breather. Unfortunately, it happened half-way through my self-imposed poetry challenge, so I’m a little disappointed in myself. I…

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    Sinful (“Stay at Home”) Sunday

    The last three weeks have felt like months — our routines changed, our lives contained between the same walls and windows, with very few expeditions in to the outside world. I’m not a worrier, and I’m not under financial hardship during this “stay at home” order. I’ve had a bit of stress, trying to learn new ways to do my job and connect with people outside of my home. I’ve had to become even more conscious about work/life boundaries, now that people are contacting me via email regarding work around the clock. And, as a person who required routine to create momentum, I’ve had to establish new routines to keep…

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