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    In Shadow

    Virtually none of us show our whole selves to the world. We hide certain parts from various people for myriad reasons. Like a puzzle, we offer some pieces to one and not another. They never get the full picture. Even those who get “all of us” can never fully get all of us. I hide parts of myself from my daily world that you get to see. The shadows in this image represent those parts. But you don’t get to see the parts that my family, friends, and colleagues get to see. The everyday me. Mom me. Daughter me. Friend me. Teacher me. This image shows those parts in light. But even…

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    I’m washing myself clean of the year before, heading into summer break and then a new position at work. Moving up and beyond. It is time now to contract, fold in and heal. Like a caterpillar in a cocoon, it is time to prepare to become…again.

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    #boobday is a good day

    It’s been a long week. Which is saying something, since it was a 4-day work week. But, we’re winding down for summer break, which means kids are winding up. Their energy (and anxiety) spikes as our energy (and patience) decreases. Plus, I’ve taken a new position, which means packing up my room and figuring out how to fit myself into an office. It’s a lot of change at once…and I’ve never been good at change. But, it’s Friday…and I’ve done as much as I’m willing to do today. Time to shift head spaces from work to home. And since this is our one night a week without a kid at…

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    On singing out loud, nekkid pitchers, and boobs

    I’ve not done a great job keeping up with things this week, but it’s Friday now, and time to breathe a bit more deeply. (We here in the states also have a 3 day weekend ahead in commemoration of Memorial Day.) It’s bittersweet, though. Normally, my family would be going to a 4 day long music festival, as we do every year. But, this is the 2nd year it’s been shut down due to Covid. While I look forward to the relaxation, I’m also sad that I won’t be dancing and enjoying myself (fuck you, Covid!). Anyhow, since I haven’t had time for memes this week, let’s give a little…

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    A perfect day…

    It starts with sleeping in…coffee in the outdoors, watching the sun-glow brighten the sky…sex…a good breakfast. It requires good weather. Soft warmth on the skin, but not enough to burn or draw sweat. A cool breeze. Perfect days mean no obligations…no plans…nowhere to be. Wandering downtown, or taking in an local event. Late afternoon in the sun, with a book and a beverage, my feet up and the birds chirping. A light Mediterranean meal outside with conversation. Maybe some live music with dancing or outdoor theatre. Looking up at the stars, watching the satellites circle. The warmth of a crackling campfire. But always…there is you. My head on your shoulder,…

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    It’s been a week…so far

    Happy Friday! It’s #boobday! And it’s also time to catch up, since I’ve been away a bit this week. I’m very much a planner, probably to the point of being neurotic. And I get used to a set of routines to run my day by. When those routines change, it takes me some time to re-orient myself. The anxiety and stress run a bit higher during these times. This past week or two, I’ve been out of the blogging habit a bit, as I’ve been writing mainly in the mornings, and after the A-Z Challenge, I was a bit spent, as far as writing is concerned. I also finished a…

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    Happy #boobday

    I really love editing software…and pixlr (it’s what I used to create this week’s image) is one of my faves. Honestly, I’m not that creative, so showcasing my boobs in different ways each week is gonna take some outside help like this. Since it’s a app (free, I might mention), it doesn’t take a genius to use (necessary for me). *** The Erotic Journal challeng prompt this week is “What do you like most (or least) about your partner?” And this image brings to mind one of those things, so I’m going to fit it in here. Last night, I made some side comment about how large my areolas are.…

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    Magic 9

    The Magic 9 is a newer form. I have no idea who created it, but I found it on Writer’s Digest. It appears to have been inspired by a poet misspelling the word “abracadabra” (seriously, just take away the r’s and you’ve got the rhyme scheme). This 9-line poem doesn’t have any meter or subject matter rules–just a rhyme scheme of abacadaba. I’ve decided to answer the week’s #tellmesomethingtrue question with this poem. Spring After snow and so many dark days, birds begin to sing again, and early blooms reach for the sky. The breeze smells earthy under the sun’s rays, and though it remains crisp in the morning, by…

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    Welcome back, #boobday!

    There are some things I really have trouble accepting about my body. My boobs are not one of them. This photo is not filtered or edited in anyway…is just me…just my boobs…and it’s Friday. What better reason to celebrate! Welcome back, Violet! #boobday

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