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    I share a lot of images of myself on this site. But, it often makes me uncomfortable to really show myself as I am. The lumps and bumps. The saggy mom-tummy. The gravitational pull on my breasts. The stretch marks. The cellulite. The rolls. The extra skin. In fact…all the “extra” that I wish wasn’t there. But…it is. And, every once in a great while, I share that truth in the images I post. Today is one of those days. Be kind. I’m reminding myself to do that, as well.  

  • Experience

    In Shadow

    Virtually none of us show our whole selves to the world. We hide certain parts from various people for myriad reasons. Like a puzzle, we offer some pieces to one and not another. They never get the full picture. Even those who get “all of us” can never fully get all of us. I hide parts of myself from my daily world that you get to see. The shadows in this image represent those parts. But you don’t get to see the parts that my family, friends, and colleagues get to see. The everyday me. Mom me. Daughter me. Friend me. Teacher me. This image shows those parts in light. But even…

  • Experience,  Photography

    Initiating sex (active submission)

    I’ve never been much good at initiating sex or being very creative about it. But, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I’ve been pretty horny recently (don’t know if there is some special alignment of the planets I’m unaware of…or maybe the world is coming to an end…), so I’ve been taking advantage of that feeling to step out of my comfort zone a bit and ask for things when I want them. For example, I woke Him up with a blow job the other day, when normally I would have stifled that feeling and gone about getting ready for work. I would have talked myself out of it…told myself…

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