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    My word for this year is CONSISTENT. It’s not a terribly creative word. Not very touchy-feely either like my last one…Vulnerability.  But it’s where I’m at. I have a tendency to cycle, in pretty much ever facet of my life. I start things and don’t finish, I commit to things and give up. Sometimes, that is honestly okay. Not everything in life must be completed. In fact, sometimes it makes good sense to drop things or walk away. But a few areas in my life deserve more from me. And those are the places where I need to apply a more dedicated mindset.     Never confuse action with movement.…

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    2022 Blog Plans, Projects, and Features

    I’m keeping my goals for 2022 smaller, or at least more organized, than normal. I have a tendency to plan too big and then fail quickly to keep up with my oversized ideas. I’m a busy girl, with work, school, parenting, wife-ing, and I’ve made myself a goal to read at least 2 books per month and keep up with exercise, too. So, I have to keep myself in check here at brigitdelaney.com. I do need a pretty clear schedule, though, to keep myself CONSISTENT, which is a goal both here and in my relationship. So, here’s what I’m committing to: Flash Fiction I’ve been getting back into the fiction…

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