Flash Fiction Friday

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What is it?

A weekly flash fiction challenge. (What is Flash Fiction? Click here to learn what it is and how to write it.)

How does it work?

Use the prompt/challenge (or don’t, that’s fine, too!). Create a piece of fiction that meets the demands of the challenge, or if you decided to go your own way, just make sure your story is 500 words or less. Post your work on your blog or social media platform of choice (or guest post here, if you don’t have a blog of your own – DM me if you have questions).

When will it occur?

Prompts will be released on Fridays at noon (PST). Link-ups will remain open through the following Friday at noon (PST).

Upcoming Prompts:

Prompts are a surprise. This is Flash Fiction, so you don’t get to know the prompt until you are ready to write. Then…you write…quickly…madly…furiously!

If you have images or prompt ideas, send them my way!


Be nice to others. Be respectful. Be supportive.

You must be 18 to play.

I reserve the right to remove any posts I deem unacceptable.

Stories should not include sexual activity with minors or animals (unless it’s some sort of mythical beast or alien creature…I’m cool with that).

No rape or non-consensual sex (though consensual non-consent is fine…I know that may sound confusing, but if you get it, you get it).

If you write something that you think may be sensitive for some, please label it so with a warning to help others navigate your work safely.

Please contact me if you feel someone has violated these standards or if you feel I should add something to the rules to make sure this is fun for everyone!

Also, I know some erotica pushes the envelope and you may wonder if you’ve gone too far for this particular venue. If you want me to take a look before you link up, go ahead and email me.


Read and comment on a few other posts.

Use the badge and link back to the link-up page.

Share on social media.

Have fun!



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