Yoga is a central part of my life.

I’m easily stressed out, prone to anxiety and overwhelm, and I have a difficult time centering and focusing. But, yoga helps me combat that. Along with medication, it keeps me sane and is one of the most important things I do to sustain good mental health.

As yoga is a mind/body/soul practice, I’ve also found that it is highly connected to my sensuality and sexuality. In fact, I’ve written about it a few times here on this blog (The Yoga Sutra and D/s, Yoga and D/s Revisited). So, I thought I’d build it up a bit and do some more research on how yoga can improve my sex life, in particular.

Look for these installments throughout the new year. And join me on the mat, if you so choose.

A great place to start: A “30 Days of Yoga” Challenge You Will Love!

I love the yoga studio experience…for the energy in the room and the disconnection for the rest of it, but f you are looking for an at-home yoga community, check out Find What Feels Good. It’s $99 per year…and worth every little penny.

I like to keep my yoga “down to earth” and REAL. So any links I share here will be done so with that in mind. Yoga is for every body, and I’m not about to share links that make yoga look inaccessible to “normal” people who’ve never made a pilgrimage to India and don’t have personal yoga guru. I might light a candle from time to time and do a little meditating, but nothing to “froo froo” or “out there” (and yes, I realize those terms are relative).

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