“A distinction must be made between that writing which enables us to hold on to life even as we are clinging to old hurts and wounds and that writing which offers to us a space where we are able to confront reality in such a way that we live more fully. Such writing is not an anchor that we mistakenly cling to so as not to drown. It is writing that truly rescues, that enables us to reach the shore, to recover.” (Bell Hooks)Welcome to my little slice of the internet. This is sort of like my closet, where I let my skeletons roam wild and free, sharing their dirty little (sometimes sexy) secrets, ideas, stories, and images with anyone who will listen (or look).

I’m a pretty private person in my day-to-day life. I live in a small town and am part of a community (socially and professionally) that would never accept me for the person that I’m allowed to be here.

So, to my few dear readers, I thank you for the opportunity to share, and grow, and create, with you by my side. Just knowing that you are out there, lurking silently or commenting openly, makes me feel connected.

Just for your information, too, as you wander through my posts, my husband has been known by several different names in my writing, as we have shifted and changed and modified our roles. You’ll see him called Mr. LL, Mr. D, Sir, and Daddy. Long-term relationships are funny things, and as many of us know, they change over time. Ours has done that with our ups and downs, and I’m sure it will continue to do so.


What do I write about?

sex * marriage * submission * life

Here at brigitdelaney.com, I write mainly about sex as it pertains to the most important facets of my life. Sex and marriage, sex and aging, sex and hormones, sex and depression, sex and parenting…

The most common “sex and…” that I cover is sex and marriage. My husband and I have had a lot of ups and downs, two near-divorces, and seemingly continual bumps in the road. But, at the center of it all, our foundation is made of a pretty intense love that holds us together and keeps us from giving up. We don’t have an easy relationship, and I write often about our struggles. I don’t have the answers on what makes a marriage work, and I can’t tell you how to make things easier for you and yours. We’re often a hot mess over here, and I make no apologies for sharing.

We’ve tried (and continue to try) various forms of non-monogamy and are continuously tripping our way up, down, and through a 24/7 D/s marriage. I write about that quite a bit, as both have offered their share of difficulty and comfort over the years.

This is real shit here. Nothing about our life glitters or glows. We’re parents with stressful jobs who perpetually need a vacation that we can’t afford. We’re both going to school, and we both struggle with depression and libido issues (his is crazy high, and mine is often crazy low).

We are currently seeing a sex therapist, hormone specialists, and are in the midst of reinvigorating our D/s roles. And once the Covid restrictions are lifted, we’ll be stepping back into the swinging world after being away from it for several years. 2021 promises to provide lots of fodder for writing, my friends!

You might want to read this post for more information: Why I Blog About My Sex Life

2021 Theme

Every year, I try to organize things around a central theme. 2021 is “Unlocking our Fantasies” – and my word of the year is “vulnerability.” You’ll see a lot of posts about fantasies this year, as my Husband I uncover, share, and learn to fulfill each other’s fantasies to strengthen our sexual connection and, subsequently, our marriage. Check out the posts here:

Unlocking Our Fantasies

Check out my current projects HERE!

I don’t always keep to my writing schedule. Expect absences, as my life takes over quite a bit. I work full time, go to school, am a mom and wife, and sometimes I just get tired of writing and take a break from the website.

I really don’t write for anyone but me, though I enjoy engaging with others and getting feedback and comments…so please feel free and welcome! Writing can be a lonely hobby, and I share my writing both here and on other people’s pages in an effort to make connections with other like-minded folks.

I’m happy to have you along for the ride!

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