I’m not known (oddly enough) for being very sexually adventurous or creative. I write about sex, I know, and I write a lot of fantasy fiction, but in my day to day sex life, I tend to be pretty pedestrian. As I complete The Erotic Journal Challenge this year, I’m planning to collect ideas of erotic, sensual, and/or sexual things I’d like to try. I may not try any of them this year. I think this year is more about “finding out.”

One of my favorite quotes is:

This is a year that asks the questions…what is it that I want and need erotically/sexually?

Below, I’m going to keep tabs on the things that come up that I’d like to try, small and large, simple and elaborate. It’s more of a collection place for me, but I thought it might be interesting for a wider audience. Maybe you already have a sexual bucket list of your own. Maybe you’d like to start one. And maybe you’re just interested in what someone like me might put on her bucket list. Whatever your reason for being here, I hope it proves helpful or interesting.

  1. Visit a “sex hotel,” go on an “adult” cruise, or vacation at an adult-themed resort. Mr. D and I have talked about this one in the past, and I recently included a link list on one of my posts that offers dozens of possibilities. I like the fantasy nature of this one and that fact that it would put me out of my element. A different, sex-inspired environment might just do wonders for my creativity.
  2. Wax play (I’m not a fan of pain, but I’ve always be tempted to try this one.)
  3. Sensory deprivation (We’ve done a little of this, and I liked it, so I’d be interested in continuing to learn how this could be used to heighten arousal. I’d also like to try adding VR, as I read about it recently on another writer’s blog.)
  4. Rope play (We’ve toyed with this some, but I’d like to explore it in more depth. I don’t particularly want to cut off circulation to vital parts of my body, but, the beauty of this kink captures my attention.)
  5. Remote stimulation – I’ve always thought it would be fun to give Mr. D a remote control to a vibrator I could wear while doing house chores or going out and about. Just letting him stimulate me whenever, wherever…not knowing when it would come…or when I would.
  6. Body painting – I love it when people touch me (people I like)…so I think I’d find it very erotic to lay still while someone painted my body.

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