Welcome to the Challenge!
So what IS the Erotic Journal Challenge?

Well, it began for me as a way to explore my erotic inner life and thoughts. More specifically, it was about asking the tough questions and reflecting on the places where I struggle in a way that might move me forward positively (since I often feel a little disconnected from that part of myself). There are memes out there for fiction writing, and photography, but I wanted this to be more intimate. It’s a JOURNAL challenge, after all. Also, it’s an EROTIC journal challenge. So this is also about sexuality and intimacy and love and lust and relationships with self and others — EROTIC INTROSPECTION, if you will.

What to Expect:

There will be a monthly theme, and within each theme there will be a list of questions/prompts to choose from which can be used (or not) as writers see fit. The link-up will remain available from the first day of the month to the last, and writers can link-up as many times as they like.

I don’t pick out “best” entries for this. I feel that these are people’s personal feelings, and there is no way to rank them. It wouldn’t be right to do so, in my opinion. This isn’t a competition, and I’m not judging you or your ideas. This is a safe space to share what you think and feel. (And if you notice anyone making it NOT a safe space to do this, please let me know, so I can follow up!) Share away without feeling a need to be better than anyone else or impress anyone else. This is about YOU and YOUR feelings in relation to the topic.

Also, I encourage you to write as many posts as you want for each of the monthly topics. Sometimes a topic will bring out a lot of ideas and feelings, and you might want to spread those out over several days. If you decide to do that, you might want to use the category link rather than the individual post links.

You may use the badge below, and make sure to link back to the original post (thank you!). Right click on the image to save to your desktop or device.


2020 Prompt Themes/Topics:

2020’s topics are a blend of words that I associate with each particular month and which I hope to instill (or instill more deeply) within myself. I’ll offer up more specific questions and prompts as the months approach, but you can at least be thinking about the concepts ahead of time. How you choose to interpret them is totally up to you. I may change a prompt here and there.

January: MINDFUL

February: SENSUAL


April: RECEPTIVE (Plus a Poetry Challenge for National Poetry Month)

May: BLOSSOMING “Love (and Life) in the Time of Corona”






November: THANKFUL (30 Days of Gratitude) EROBLOPOMO!

December: Advent Challenge

2021 TEASER: The topics for 2020 will be elements of our sex lives (i.e. kinks, fears, fantasies, etc.)

2019 Prompts:

Prompt #1, 1/5-1/11: Sensuality (The 5 Senses)

Prompt #2, 1/12-1/18: Discovery

Prompt #3, 1/19-1/25: Dirty Talk

Prompt #4, 1/26-2/1: Exploration

Prompt #5, 2/2-2/9: Hurt

Prompt #6, 2/9-2/17: Style

Prompt #7, 2/16-2/24: Distress

Prompt #8, 2/23-3/3: Reading

Prompt #9, 3/2-3/10: Watching

Prompt #10, 3/9-3/17: First Love

Prompt #11, 3/16-3/24: Sex Ed

Catch-up week, 3/23-3/3

Prompt #12, 3/30-4/7: Sexy

Prompt #13, 4/6-4/14: Wishes

Prompt #14, 4/13-4/21: Realization

Prompt #15, 4/20-4/28: Risk

Prompt #16, 4/29-5/05: Confession

Prompt #17, 5/4-5/12: Never Again

Prompt #18, 5/11-5/19: Turn-ons

Prompt #19, 5/18-5/26: Embarrassed

Prompt #20, 5/25-6/2: Aging

Catch-up week #2, 6/1-6/9

Prompt #21, 6/8-6/23: Gratitude

Prompt #22, 6/22-6/30: Body Love

Prompt #23, 6/29-7/10: Body Love

Prompt #24, 7/8-7/14: Hormones

Prompt #25, 7/13-7/22: Mental Health

Prompt #26, 7/21-7/28: Vows

Prompt #27, 7/28-8/4: Today

Prompt #28, 8/4-8/11: Sexual Positions

13-Day Retreat, 8/13-9/30

September is “Catch-up Month”, 9/1-9/30


November 2019 – THEME: GRATITUDE


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