Welcome to the Erotic Journal Challenge’s third year! This year, the theme is CELEBRATIONS! Because who couldn’t use a little more of that in their life?

Each month, I’ll provide a few suggestions, but if none of them grab you, check out the following links to find more:

The Awareness Days Events Calendar
Daily Awareness Calendar
Sexuality Observances

Or write about anything you are celebrating this month…an anniversary, an accomplishment, an event, a birthday. Share what makes you happy with others.

What to do:

Look over your writing options, and decide what interests or impacts you the most.

Come up with a post or writing plan (one or more posts are welcomed).

Reflect on how/why one or more of this month’s calendared sensual/erotic or relationship/sexuality-themed observances relate to you/your life; you can link-up as many times as you’d like, but if you can see ahead of time that it will be more than two or three posts, you might want to create a tag or category and link that up instead.

You might even decide to write each day in response to a recognized daily observance and link to the EJC with your category or tag, so we can read all of your reflections for the month. I’m sure there is a way for most of us to turn these daily observances into something personal and even sexy (for example, January includes Chocolate Covered Cherry Day, Make Your Dreams Come True Day, and Backwards Day. Tell me you couldn’t find a way to make those a bit erotic.


Remember, this is an EROTIC challenge, so your reflection should somehow be related to something sensual, erotic, sexy, or should be relationship or sexuality-themed. It doesn’t matter if what you write is positive or negative, as long as it isn’t intentionally harmful to others (basically…be respectful of others and think before you link up).

This is also a JOURNAL challenge, so what you write should be based on personal feelings, opinions, or experiences. Journaling can be done in lots of ways, though, so I’m not about to tell you how you have to do this. Sometimes I get my feelings and emotions out through poems, lists, autobiographical stories, metaphors, etc. So the format of what you write is really up to you.

And finally, this is a CHALLENGE, which means we should be challenging ourselves to be honest and vulnerable, digging deep to find meaning and connection.


The initial prompt is posted on the first of each month. The link party will be open from the first day of the month to the last.

I will be doing a monthly round-up the first weekend of each month and sharing link-ups to social media throughout the month (I promise I’ll do a better job of this in 2021).

I appreciate it when you use the badge and link back to this post, so it is easy for your readers to find other writers and engage in the challenge, too. If you share on social media, use the hashtag #EroticJournalChallenge.

2021 Monthly PROMPTS


2020 Prompt Themes/Topics:

2020’s topics are a blend of words that I associate with each particular month and which I hope to instill (or instill more deeply) within myself. I’ll offer up more specific questions and prompts as the months approach, but you can at least be thinking about the concepts ahead of time. How you choose to interpret them is totally up to you.

January: MINDFUL

February: SENSUAL


April: RECEPTIVE (Plus a Poetry Challenge for National Poetry Month)

May: BLOSSOMING “Love (and Life) in the Time of Corona”






November: THANKFUL (30 Days of Gratitude) EROBLOPOMO!

December: Advent Challenge

2019 Prompts:

Prompt #1, 1/5-1/11: Sensuality (The 5 Senses)

Prompt #2, 1/12-1/18: Discovery

Prompt #3, 1/19-1/25: Dirty Talk

Prompt #4, 1/26-2/1: Exploration

Prompt #5, 2/2-2/9: Hurt

Prompt #6, 2/9-2/17: Style

Prompt #7, 2/16-2/24: Distress

Prompt #8, 2/23-3/3: Reading

Prompt #9, 3/2-3/10: Watching

Prompt #10, 3/9-3/17: First Love

Prompt #11, 3/16-3/24: Sex Ed

Catch-up week, 3/23-3/3

Prompt #12, 3/30-4/7: Sexy

Prompt #13, 4/6-4/14: Wishes

Prompt #14, 4/13-4/21: Realization

Prompt #15, 4/20-4/28: Risk

Prompt #16, 4/29-5/05: Confession

Prompt #17, 5/4-5/12: Never Again

Prompt #18, 5/11-5/19: Turn-ons

Prompt #19, 5/18-5/26: Embarrassed

Prompt #20, 5/25-6/2: Aging

Catch-up week #2, 6/1-6/9

Prompt #21, 6/8-6/23: Gratitude

Prompt #22, 6/22-6/30: Body Love

Prompt #23, 6/29-7/10: Body Love

Prompt #24, 7/8-7/14: Hormones

Prompt #25, 7/13-7/22: Mental Health

Prompt #26, 7/21-7/28: Vows

Prompt #27, 7/28-8/4: Today

Prompt #28, 8/4-8/11: Sexual Positions

13-Day Retreat, 8/13-9/30

September is “Catch-up Month”, 9/1-9/30


November 2019 – THEME: GRATITUDE


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