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What is the Erotic Journal Challenge?

The EJC used to be a monthly, then a weekly, then a monthly writing prompt published on this site. It became a bit cumbersome, though, and its popularity waxed and waned. I had difficulty staying consistent, because not only did it take work to come up with prompts, I had to write posts and maintain the link-up. I’ve updated it for 2022 to keep things simpler and more manageable, but still provide the same service I initially intended, both for myself and others: to find and offer erotically-themed journal prompts to inspire personal reflection.

How will it work in 2022?

Prompt ideas or themes will be posted on Instagram. So if you don’t already have an account, you’ll want to set one up so you can follow the EJC there. That way you will automatically see the content. If you don’t want to set up an Instagram account, I will still post the prompts here.

Prompts may include images, quotes, questions, etc. Anything to get the brain humming in regard to our erotic selves.

Some prompts may reference BDSM, kink, relationships, sexuality, gender, etc. They will run the gamut of sexual, sensual, and intimate topics and will be open enough that we can apply them in a multitude of ways.

When will it occur?

I will post prompts when I have time, energy, and inspiration, but I will be sure to provide one for each day. This means, I may post daily at times, or I may post several at a time in advance. I’ll be sure to date the prompt so you know where we are at, but don’t feel like you need to do these in any particular order or that you can’t jump on board mid-trip. There will be nothing linear about this.

How to respond to the prompts:

Any damn way you want. Journals are personal things. You may journal through photography, poetry, drawing, song writing, prose, fiction, etc. There is not right or wrong way to journal. The thing about journaling, though, is that in order for it to truly be transformative, it must be an ongoing practice. Something you do on a regular and fairly consistent basis. 

One suggestion is to begin with a focused free-write. Set a timer for 10 minutes and just write. Don’t let your pencil leave the page, don’t hold your thoughts back or try to organize them or judge them, and don’t worry about grammar or spelling. You could also do this on a computer (but it may bet best to cover the screen so you aren’t tempted to edit as you go). When the timer goes off, read what you have written and look for a “hot spot” – a word or phrase that stands out to you. Set the timer again and spend another 3-5 minutes on that. 

Who is this for?

I’ll be up front. I’m a mainly heterosexual female, and I am married to a mainly heterosexual male. I’m a middle class, white American with moderate political beliefs. I am not Christian, but I’m spiritual. I work in public service. I am in my 40s, and I’m a parent.

These lenses color the way I see the world, and they will likely color this project in some ways, no matter how unintentional. That doesn’t mean this won’t work for you if you are LGBTQ+, single or poly, a different race, ethnicity, or if you have different social, political, or cultural beliefs from me. My goal is to make these prompts as open as possible so they work for anyone.

If you have prompt ideas, or questions, concerns, or comments about the prompts, please contact me. 


If you choose to share…

Awesome! But don’t feel like you must. You can share in a variety of ways. If you have a blog of your own, write your first post in response to a journal prompt, then give it a category or tag of something like “Erotic Journal Challenge.” You can then use the category or tag link to link-up at the bottom of this page. You can also share your posts by linking them on Instagram. 



This is about you, and I don’t want you to censor your feelings or thoughts, but if you are keeping your journal in a public space and sharing it (or bits of it) with the rest of us, please remember:

Be nice to others. Be respectful. Be legal.

You must be 18 to play.

I reserve the right to remove any links I deem harmful or unacceptable.


Read and comment on other posts as you feel comfortable. Don’t feel obligated, though.

The main point of this is to get to know yourself better, but if you choose to share publicly, this could also be an opportunity to learn from each other and to build a stronger community through intimacy and vulnerability. Please respect that this is what is happening. When people offer up their hidden depths, the last thing they need is to feel judged – so hold that negative commentary.

Use the badge and link back to the link-up page.

Share the prompts and posts you like on social media.

Have fun and be safe.





Here’s a helpful article on How to Start a Sex Journal. The key to successful journaling is CONSISTENCY. Once you have decided to begin a journaling practice, here are the steps to follow:

1: Find a journal or create a digital space for journaling. If you don’t want to overwhelm yourself, get a stack of 365 note cards, or buy one of those journals with small spaces for each day (a planner might even work). This isn’t about quantity, it’s about quality and maintaining a practice.
2: Decide when you will journal; schedule it into your day. Consistency is helpful in creating a practice. Pick a time you can commit to. 
3: Journal…EVERY DAY.

When I originally came up with the idea for The Erotic Journal Challenge, it was because there was nothing else like it at the time. I could find very few journal guides based on sex and relationships. There weren’t any journal prompt apps (still aren’t, that I know of), or websites devoted to sex journaling. Since then, I’ve found a few helpful resources…

Here’s a good place to get some specifics on setting up an online submissive journal: 31 Days of Submissive Journaling.

And here are some additional journal topic resources:

365 Days of Kink
Submissive Reflection: A Journey of Rediscovery and Affirmation
The Yes, No, Maybe Workbook
The Sex Journal for Couples
A Year of Us: A Couples Journal
Sex: An Erotic Journal for Sexual Inspiration and Exploration
Exploring Your Sexual Self
30 Dirty Questions



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