Welcome to the Challenge!

Change is good! I’ve recently decided to open things up a bit and make it as easy as possible for people to get involved in the Erotic Journal Challenge on their own terms.

Since there are so many great weekly and bi-weekly memes for us to get involved in, I’ve opted to make this a monthly meme, loaded with choice.

What to Expect:

There will be a monthly theme, and within each theme there will be a list of questions/prompts to choose from which can be used (or not) as writers see fit. The link-up will remain viable from the first day of the month to the last, and writers can link-up as many times as they like. Also, remember that it is absolutely fine to link up to more than one meme with your post.

So what IS the Erotic Journal Challenge?

Well, it began for me as a way to explore my erotic inner life and thoughts…to ask the tough questions and reflect on them in a way that might move me forward positively (since I felt a little disconnected from that part of myself). There are memes out there for fiction writing, and photography, but I wanted this to be more intimate. It’s a JOURNAL challenge, after all. HOWEVER, the way that each of us processes a topic and creates a response can be very different. Maybe story-writing IS the way you explore your own inner-workings. Maybe you prefer to delve into yourself through images or drawings…a photo essay or a painting. Really any response is fine, as long as it is getting at the core of YOU. Also, it’s an EROTIC journal challenge. So this is also about sexuality and intimacy and love and lust.

Please contact me with inquiries, comments, or any great questions you think should be part of the experience.

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Phase Two: Monthly Themes


November 2019 – THEME: GRATITUDE



February 2020 – THEME: LOVE & LUST

March 2020 – THEME: LUCK

If you have ideas for upcoming themes or questions to include for the monthly themes, please email me or comment. 

Phase One: Opening prompts January to October 2019

Prompt #1, 1/5-1/11: Sensuality (The 5 Senses)

Prompt #2, 1/12-1/18: Discovery

Prompt #3, 1/19-1/25: Dirty Talk

Prompt #4, 1/26-2/1: Exploration

Prompt #5, 2/2-2/9: Hurt

Prompt #6, 2/9-2/17: Style

Prompt #7, 2/16-2/24: Distress

Prompt #8, 2/23-3/3: Reading

Prompt #9, 3/2-3/10: Watching

Prompt #10, 3/9-3/17: First Love

Prompt #11, 3/16-3/24: Sex Ed

Catch-up week, 3/23-3/3

Prompt #12, 3/30-4/7: Sexy

Prompt #13, 4/6-4/14: Wishes

Prompt #14, 4/13-4/21: Realization

Prompt #15, 4/20-4/28: Risk

Prompt #16, 4/29-5/05: Confession

Prompt #17, 5/4-5/12: Never Again

Prompt #18, 5/11-5/19: Turn-ons

Prompt #19, 5/18-5/26: Embarrassed

Prompt #20, 5/25-6/2: Aging

Catch-up week #2, 6/1-6/9

Prompt #21, 6/8-6/23: Gratitude

Prompt #22, 6/22-6/30: Body Love

Prompt #23, 6/29-7/10: Body Love

Prompt #24, 7/8-7/14: Hormones

Prompt #25, 7/13-7/22: Mental Health

Prompt #26, 7/21-7/28: Vows

Prompt #27, 7/28-8/4: Today

Prompt #28, 8/4-8/11: Sexual Positions

13-Day Retreat, 8/13-9/30

September is “Catch-up Month”, 9/1-9/30

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Always enjoy responsibily.