A Living Canvas

It’s Masturbation Monday…but rather than self-manipulation this fine evening, I’ve opted for a little help in this story. Even though THEY aren’t masturbating…perhaps the characters will inspire YOU to? A Living Canvas Jenna became highly aware of her own skin, as the warm breeze hit places usually covered in public. She and Michael had the…

Under Surveillance

Misty gave her directive, “Call. Dave. Home,” and the car’s bluetooth obliged…”Calling Dave. Home.” “Yell-o…’sup, hon?” “Drivin’.” “And?” “Just stuck in traffic, bored outta my mind.” “Ahhh…lookin’ for some action, eh?” “Yep.” “I could probably swing somethin’.” “Oh, yeah?” “Yeah.” “Like what?” “Like…where are you?” “Near exit 277. But, we’re at a crawl…and I’m wearing…

The Centerpiece

“Tabitha, this house is just unbelievable! Who is your decorator? I simply must know.” Angelica looked around the living room. The marble floors, the large, plush rugs, the exquisite furniture. Every piece was decadent. The detail was unequivocally riveting, and Angelica felt as if she could just sink into the over-sized leather couch, cover herself…

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