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    The Show Must Go On (11/100)

    (Image credit: Creator: RapidEye | Getty Images/iStockphoto)   McMahan: Where’s the body, Joan? [JOAN avoids eye-contact, wringing her hands nervously behind her back.] McMahan: Joan? Joan: I’m a little teapot, short and stout…here is my handle, here is my spout… [JOAN dips to the side, left hand pointing toward the ground. MCMAHAN starts, his face a question.] McMahan: There? [He points to the ground by her left foot.] Joan: Hey coppa, you’re a smart one now, aintcha? [MCMAHAN pushes her aside, digging into the dirt with his shovel, quickly uncovering a bruised hand.] McMahan: The director!? Shit, Joan! How are we supposed to finish this scene without him?   Join in… The…

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    What are your thoughts on gender and sexual identity?

    Welcome to The Erotic Journal Challenge! If you’ve never participated, make sure to glance at the rules. This week, consider your thoughts on sexual identity and gender. Take it any direction you’d like, but here are some questions that might help to get the thoughts flowing: How do you feel about gender roles as they apply to you? Do you believe in gender and sexuality scales? Labels? How were you taught or guided as a young person to embrace sexual identity and/or gender? (Or how do you guide your own children?) How has culture changed in regard to sexual identity and gender? And how has this affected you? What gender…

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