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    My life in haiku

    As you’ve likely noticed, I’ve basically been MIA for most of August and September; and while it isn’t unheard of for me to sort of disappear the first weeks of a school year as my priorities shift and wriggle and find their way into a new balance (or imbalance, as the case may be), I feel a bit guilty for sort of dropping my baby project in the water and letting it learn to swim on its own. Thankfully, it’s clumsily treading water. I’m just barely starting to feel a sense of calm, but I’m still struggling with the technological aspects of my new situation. Since I’m now working remotely,…

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    I’ve been writing a series of #tinypoems on Twitter the past several days, and I think I will continue to challenge myself to do this. It’s a good early-morning-while-drinking-my-coffee activity to get my brain moving and my emotions bubbling. And it’s not so demanding or intimidating as committing myself to a longer poem (which can take hours…or days…or years, as the case may be). Here are the ones I have come up with so far: 1 I am drawn to his vibrance… burning from within is compulsory. 2 (haiku) The heat of your mouth upon my skin spreads like ink on a blank page. 3 Our bodies curve together like…

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    She lies in sheets of cotton, warm and white, her skin attentive to the subtle weight. Newly awake, her thoughts are soft and light, no worries yet to mar her thoughtful state. Her fingers wander gently to her thighs, slow and hungry, snaking in between: heat. Knees spread petal-like, her back arches high, breath held, she readies herself for release. Fingers circle, separate, and ignite, as he watches roses bloom in her cheeks — body rigid with pleasure, muscles tight, momentarily, until their eyes meet. If nothing else, today there will be this: self-love shared is an incomparable gift. Masturbating for an audience is not something that makes me very…

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    The Sleeping Saint of Nevers

    June Theme: Movies Prompt 2: “Write a poem that is inspired by the soundtrack from a film. If you want to get specific…focus the title of one of the songs or a section of the lyrics. Or, you could just play the soundtrack and see where it takes your mind…and your pen.” The film/soundtrack I chose: Stigmata (1999) Song: “Whatever Happened to Mary” by Chumbawamba (lyrics) When I was in high school…and even into my first years of college…I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I believed concerning my faith. I tried on a lot of things and found myself continuously drawn to my rather shaky…

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