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    It’s been a week…so far

    Happy Friday! It’s #boobday! And it’s also time to catch up, since I’ve been away a bit this week. I’m very much a planner, probably to the point of being neurotic. And I get used to a set of routines to run my day by. When those routines change, it takes me some time to re-orient myself. The anxiety and stress run a bit higher during these times. This past week or two, I’ve been out of the blogging habit a bit, as I’ve been writing mainly in the mornings, and after the A-Z Challenge, I was a bit spent, as far as writing is concerned. I also finished a…

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    Happy #boobday

    I really love editing software…and pixlr (it’s what I used to create this week’s image) is one of my faves. Honestly, I’m not that creative, so showcasing my boobs in different ways each week is gonna take some outside help like this. Since it’s a app (free, I might mention), it doesn’t take a genius to use (necessary for me). *** The Erotic Journal challeng prompt this week is “What do you like most (or least) about your partner?” And this image brings to mind one of those things, so I’m going to fit it in here. Last night, I made some side comment about how large my areolas are.…

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    School Girl

    It’s a super common fantasy, eh? Which is why I’m sure it was the costume that showed up in our month fantasy subscription box (The Fantasy Box). I’ve been pretty please with the lingerie that has been in these boxes. I’m not a small girl, and every piece has been well-made and flattering for my size and figure. This one was pretty adorable. It even came equipped with a rainbow lollipop and a clapping soft paddle with hearts on it. He told me to bend over the bed, pulled my panties aside, and thrust into me a few times, before he took several cracks at my ass with the paddle.…

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    Rico: Our New Sex Doll

    Oh, Rico. I would have passed you by in a bar, told you no if you’d tried to pick me up in the supermarket…I mean…you’ve got lovely 16-pack abs, and you’re all sorts of soft a squishy, but the lack of a head…or legs…or even a back? Well…not really my type. So, yeah, I never thought I’d be interested in someone like you. But when Tantaly offered me a free ride, I figured, what the hell, right? I’ll try most anything once. Of course, it started with a contact on my blog…a request for a review. I’d never heard of Tantaly, but I’ve been out of the review biz for…

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    Some things never get old…

    It doesn’t take much really. I love that 16 years in, simply the sight of His dick, completely flaccid and folded into His foreskin, still makes my mouth water and my cunt clench. I love that flashing my tits still gets a reaction from Him. We know each other’s bodies inside and out…there are no geographical surprises, and yet much like the rugged beauty of a landscape or the soft wonder of a sunrise, we are drawn in…every time.  

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    Magic 9

    The Magic 9 is a newer form. I have no idea who created it, but I found it on Writer’s Digest. It appears to have been inspired by a poet misspelling the word “abracadabra” (seriously, just take away the r’s and you’ve got the rhyme scheme). This 9-line poem doesn’t have any meter or subject matter rules–just a rhyme scheme of abacadaba. I’ve decided to answer the week’s #tellmesomethingtrue question with this poem. Spring After snow and so many dark days, birds begin to sing again, and early blooms reach for the sky. The breeze smells earthy under the sun’s rays, and though it remains crisp in the morning, by…

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