February Photofest 2021

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    Porn in the shower

    I don’t watch porn very often, but I found myself questioning why that is yesterday, after seeing the prompt for “4 Thoughts or Fiction.” In fact, my brain went down a bit of a rabbit hole on the subject, following my go-to reflection questions: who, what, where, when, why, and how? Why and When So, why do I watch porn? I usually watch it when I’m already turned on. Porn, for me takes away the thought…it does the thinking for me, providing images, and sometimes sound to fill my brain while I fuck myself. It can also be the impetus when I’m not already turned on and need a quick…

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    Happy Friday! And, of course, Happy #boobday! Like many people, I see Fridays as a special day , something to look forward to and celebrate each week. It’s a small celebration…making it through another week to the weekend. It isn’t because I don’t like my work; I do, very much most days. But it takes a lot out of me, so the prospect of a few days to sleep in and relax more than usual is a blessing. My mind, body, and soul crave the weekend. Fridays are also good because it’s the day I socialize with friends. In normal times, it’s drinks at a local pub after work. Now,…

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    Quick Release

    Maintenance masturbation…or what I’d call Quick Release…is both necessary and superficial for me. It isn’t deeply satisfying, like the type that engages my brain…the kind constructed of a mental image and often inspired by visual or audio stimulation (books, music, movies). That kind is gradual. It sneaks up on me, like the shadows from a setting sun, and I find myself surprised, warmed at the throat, pussy clenching and suddenly hungry. Quick Release is more like an anti-anxiety medication or a muscle relaxant…only fast-acting (especially with just the right speed and strength of vibration held to the left or right side of my clit, pressed just so, toward my vaginal…

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    Have you ever been so attuned to another person that you could sense their moods from across the room? It’s not about details – the how or why of a feeling. It’s just the feeling.  I noticed Him, on the couch yesterday evening, while I was busy working on a school assignment. Typing away on my laptop, I could feel His body change. He set His phone aside, His legs (normally curled to the side) stretched out and off the couch, and His gaze found the floor. He looked pensive – His head resting on his fisted hand, brow furrowed, eyes narrowed. Something was off. My fingers stopped tapping the keys, as…

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    Home Base

    I’m constantly reconsidering things. Re-planning. Revising. Reflecting. Things never seem to be “good enough” or “right…just yet.” On the one hand, that’s okay, maybe even preferential, as it keeps me striving for something better all the time. Motivated. But on the other hand, it wears me the fuck out sometimes. Currently, I’m involved in hybrid teaching – a blend of in-person AND online. While I’m sure it is better for kids to be with their teachers even if it is only once a week, trying to manage two types of learning, simultaneously has created a situation where I basically have 12 classes instead of 4, the way our schedule works.…

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    It’s raining here, and I’m in a mood. The cold, heavy drops are so thick it makes the air look hazy, and the sky is a listless gray. These are the sorts of days I want to crawl back in bed and sleep through. But I reach into my brain in search of the reset button, struggling to find focus and remind myself to just breathe. Not everything has to get done.

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    Fuck It Friday

    I forgot to set my alarm for this morning and woke up an hour later than normal. Just as I submitted my digital health form that attested I am eligible to work in person today, a text came through canceling classes due to snow. The irony is, yesterday’s early morning roads were terrible — sheet ice. And yet, we still had school. Today, the roads were pretty clear, and it didn’t start snowing until about 5 pm. It never quite makes sense to me how these decisions are made. Regardless, I sat on the couch all morning and played Scrabble on my phone. For hours. I picked up the house…

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