On the Tracks

So today’s post is a conglomeration of ideas harvested from Twitter, from my new, homemade deck of story elements cards, and the Wicked Wednesday prompt “Celibacy.” Because writing about celibacy wasn’t already proving to be difficult enough for me, I added on several additional layers of “hard” to push me completely over the edge. Let’s…

Hold It Right There

The image for this week’s Masturbation Monday prompt is absolutely, fucking stunning! Little Switch Bitch is well-known for her amazing photographs, and this is a beautiful, erotic example. I found myself struck by the composition, wondering how long she had to hold this position and what the photographer had to do to make this happen.…

Mirror, Mirror

Summer opened the door to the hotel room, breezed in with her luggage, and leaped onto the bed, rolling onto her back and stretching out like she were being drawn and quartered. Looking up, her expression exploded into fireworks, and she pointed, exclaiming, “Kevin! Look! There’s a mirror on the ceiling!” She waggled her eyebrows…

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