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    What are your thoughts on PDA/kink in public?

    I’m of two minds on this topic, moreso one than the other…so I’ll start with that one: I’ve never been one for affection in public. Not only does it make me uncomfortable to engage in it, but it also makes me uncomfortable to see it. I’m not talking little kisses and hugs…more like couples who make out and feel each other up on park benches, people who bring their kinks into public, and especially those people who feel it is their right to force their physicality on others. I believe my physical relationships are private, and I don’t like doing physical or sexual things in front of others (unless that…

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    What makes sex better than good?

    Psst. Hey. We had sex last night. After more than 3 months. And it was better than good. Better than I feared it might be. Mainly because I was afraid I wouldn’t feel it. That thing that makes us “us.” And at first I didn’t, which really pulled the panic up from my gut. We did what we did to get ready for bed…criss-crossing eachother’s paths in the bathroom, removing clothes, brushing teeth and hair. Often I notice his gaze linger on my naked body in the large bathroom mirror. I usually avoid it, pretend I don’t notice, because lately, it’s hurt…to have him notice…and even worse to acknowledge it…

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    30 Dirty Questions

    Welcome to my EROBLOPOMO theme for 2020 (and my Erotic Journal Challenge for November)! I’ll be selecting a “dirty” question to answer every day. And once I have the full list of questions (at the end of the challenge), I’ll post that and keep it somewhere on the site so you can access the questions and use them for your own “dirty” purposes. I will also post the questions daily on twitter, so if you want to use the same questions on your own site, you are more than welcome! Keep in mind…I don’t actually find asking any questions “dirty,” (which sort of implies that they are wrong in some…

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    #EROBLOPOMO 2020

    November is EROBLOPOMO! (Erotic Blog Posting Month)… or so I have declared.  I know we already have NANOWRIMO, which is awesome, but what if you don’t want to write a novel, or don’t have time to whip out 30,000 words this month? And I know there is also NABLOPOMO, but what if you want to share your dirtiest laundry, offer up your naughty photos, and write steamy stories that the “vanilla” world might not appreciate so much? Hence…Erotic Blog Posting Month!!! So here’s how it will work: Phase 1: Take some time to prepare the last week of October. 1. Make sure you have a space to write. If you don’t already…

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    EROBLOPOMO is coming!

    Much like it’s predecessors NANOWRIMO and NABLOPOMO, EROBLOPOMO will be a month-long PERSONAL writing challenge. Here are some things to do to prepare: 1. Make sure you have a space to write. If you don’t already have a blog, start one (you can do this free on Blogger, WordPress,  and a host of other platforms). 2. Choose a theme. What is going to tie all of your posts together? Are you going to take the month to write 30 posts about gratitude? Are you going to write a naughty poem each day or post a sexy photo or drawing? You could do an A-Z style method, write 30 letters to…

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